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We only recommend those accommodations where we would also be happy to stay in - 

At www.Lansdownetrip.com we strongly believe that best is yet to come.  We take utmost care in selection of the Hotels and recommend only those hotels to whom we also like and would be happy to stay in. 



We provide what we commit.  We believe in the simplicity and never make false promises for anything which we cannot provide.  We just want to make sure that our guest should be fully aware as what to expect during the tour.


Best Price Guaranteed

Our regular Business with the Hotels enables us to get special discounted prices from them and our customers are benefited in the same way by getting the best discounted prices from us.  

You can Trust Us

Travel Myntra is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India under the Companies Act 1956 with our registered Corporate office at New Delhi. 

Huge choice of Properties

Yes, we are picky as far as the quality is concerned, but that doesn't limit our selection of properties. We have got over a thousand of options for the Good Hotels across India and abroad.

Everyone deserves Luxury

We like  comfy and lavish properties  that provides beauty in the backdrop, the ambience and fairytale structure and should leave anyone breathless and astounding with its splendour. At Travel Myntra we assure that you will get more Bling for your Buck.

We're at your service

At Travel Myntra, we provide everything you require for a perfect vacation. Our Services includes hotels, flights, cars, local sightseeing and attractions, transfers and tour guides etc. Therefore you needn't to be worried for any aspect of your travel.